All ecosystems in the YouCoin Metaverse are perfectly looped through eco-finance and $UCON governance token.



The diversified closed-loop finance of YouCoin will be used in diverse financial features like Exchange, Bank, Lending & Borrowing, Minting Stablecoins, Mining Pool, Lottery, etc. These decentralized finance projects will have privacy features and run on the YouCoin Metaverse.



With the gaming features, users can earn while they enjoy the game competition through the Play-to-Earn element. The YouCoin Metaverse has a gaming ecosystem and will contain land, resources, and props. All of these will be minted as unique NFTs that can be accessed by trading $UCON.



YouCoin will provide a space for professional and social occasions. Experience points can be accumulated through effective social interaction and used in DeFi, GameFi, NFTfi, DAOfi, and other features on YouCoin. It will allow you to participate in social-to-earn (S2E) functionality.



YouCoin will issue artistic NFTs. Every character, equipment, prop, and land in the YouCoin game will be NFTs. You can put your NFT assets up as collateral for a loan, or offer loans to other users on their NFTs in NFTfi. These NFTs can be from other chains such as ETH, BSC, etc.



The Super DAO is a scalable DAO governed finance platform built on YouCoin Metaverse. Super DAO can initiate proposals for the governance of the YouCoin ecosystem. The token economy formed for $UCON holders is a new strategy of creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.


$UCON is the equity governance token of every ecosystem on the YouCoin Metaverse. Through the incentive and burning mechanism of $UCON, there will be a long-term upward trend with the closed-loop presentation of YouCoin Metaverse Ecological Finance.

  • Ticker
  • Max supply
  • Chain
    BSC & SERO
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As a decentralized blockchain platform, YouCoin requires a utility token to function. Our token, UCON, is central to the design of the YouCoin Metaverse network.


Want to earn $UCON? You can do so by participating in DeFi staking, playing P2E games in GameFi, or Socialize-to-earn.


Want to buy some NFTs, game items, lottery tickets? These require $UCON.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are paid for with $UCON.


Want to evolve or modify the things in the YouCoin Metaverse? You can participate in the Super DAO and governance. Crucial matters that affect the YouCoin Metaverse are determined through the DAO.


See what’s waiting for you...

  • Set up a legal entity
  • R&D confirming the feasibility of the project
  • Validating the business model
  • Creating marketing strategy
  • Stress test smart contracts
  • Deploy UCON smart contract on SERO chain
  • Establishing 5-year plan & vision
  • Release the whitepaper v1.0
  • Website v1
  • List UCON token on Coral Swap
  • Collaborate with strategic partners & advisors
  • Building international YouCoin communities
  • Launch YouCoin’s Uswap
  • Deploy UCON token smart contract on BSC
  • Airdrop for early community backers
  • Publish the 2022 roadmap
  • Publish a 5-year plan to scale to 1M users
  • Launch token bridge between SERO and BSC mainnet
  • Launch YouCoin’s Upool
  • Website v2
  • Expanding R&D team
  • Blockchain meetups
  • Listing on the first CEX
  • Listing on PancakeSwap v2
  • Listing on one the top Cryptocurrency Data Aggregator platforms
  • Launch the Ubank v2
  • Launch the Uscan
  • YouCoin ecosystem is gradually deployed to BSC if necessary
  • Post-launch marketing campaigns
  • Be interviewed by various media
  • Do AMAs
  • Launch a new version of SuperDAO
  • More CEX&DEX listings
  • Developing GameFi in YouCoin
  • Developing NFTfi in YouCoin
  • Expanding the team
  • Expanding global presence and awareness
  • Publish the 2023 roadmap